So What is a SHORT SALE?

hearthouseIn a nut shell a SHORT SALE is where a homeowner finds him/her self “upside down” on the home mortgage. What is “upside down”? It’s when the homeowner owes more on the home mortgage and equity line than the home is worth in today’s market. More and more homeowners are not only finding themselves upside down, they are finding themselves without jobs to pay the mortgage or with a job where income has been cut and they can not make the house payment.

This is when the homeowner needs to call a CDPE. A CDPE is trained and experienced REALTOR that is ready to help the homeowner sell their home and negotiate with the bank to accept less than owed on the mortgage so the seller can pass a clear title free of any mortgage leins on to the new buyer. It is not a quick nor an easy process but with Teamwork it can be the answer to saving your credit from foreclosure and moving on with life. For more information contact me and I will be happy to consult with you.