On The Grow

PIttsburgh, PA

On the grow again, The Cyberprofessionals(tm) Spring Meeting, April 28-29 in Pittsburg is chock full of new ideas of self growth or to increase business, marketing and service skills. As the only Michigan member present I will certainly on top of my game again…Learned more about blogging from Kristal Kraft from Denver , Real Estate Auctions from Margaret Rome of Baltinmore, Being Healthy from Tim Kinzler, Boca Raton, Travel Deals from Teri Isner , John Thurman and his Updates on Federal Reserve idea and Mortgage Market , Sharon Simms brought to us the Electronic Book Reader, Tami shared her free file saving website  and so much more. A big thankyou to Linda Davis and Les Sulgrove for all the work they do to make this such a great event for the group.

3 thoughts on “On The Grow

  1. Wynne ~ Thanks for the mention!  I really enjoyed meeting you at the CP meeting.  It’s is so great to get together in person. I’ve admired you from afar for so long.  You are an icon in this industry and a true leader!  Meeting up and having an opportunity to chat was fabulous.

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