YOUNG MARINES of Port Huron – Thank You!

Port Huron’s Young Marines…

You are often overlooked and go unrecognized for the many civic funtions you perform throughout St. Clair County. Do people even know Who are YOU? What do You do?

Probably not, so I would like to take some time and acknowledge who you sre and what you do.

The Young Marines of Port Huron are young boys, men, girls, women ages 8-18. The Port Huron group comes from famlies all over St. Clair County. Thay meet weekely at the Marysville American Legion Hall, Marysville Michigan.

These meetings are educational with the intent of promoting healthy living, team work, leadership, drug free environment, and importance of giving and helping others in the community.

The young people in this Group lead off many of the area parades including Marine City’s, Maritime Days and Santa Parade. The Young Marine Group often present the colors city and township meetings, and area dinner events. 

Have you seen them delivering Toys for Tots and food for the Salvation Army. An Annual event at the Holiday Time.

Gratefully they have been known to show up at Marine City’s Helping Hands Facility on Ward Street to help pass out food to the less fortunate; some even deliver the food to shut ins. Adding to this they help Port Huron’s Post Office with their annual food drive. There is no end to the civic and charitable time this well founded group gives to the St.Clair County Area.

Annually,  The Young Marines host a dinner for the Local Vetrens. Last years dinner was held in Marysville with over 200 in attendance. The Young Marines help charitable groups with their fund raiser dinners on occassion. Recently they hosted a special spagetti dinner for a local charity.

The Young Marines is a culture for these young folks in the community waiting to help when asked, they start young to learn the importance of helping and giving back to community.

If you are interested in knowing more or helping this terriffic group, call John or Debbie Ritter @ 810-364-4218.

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Thank You Young Marines for making this community a better place to live.

Written By Wynne Achatz, South East Michigan REALTOR as a tribute to the Port Huron Young Marines.